I am a 42 year old full time student, oil paint artist, and illustrator. I have two amazing adult children and a plethora of weird hobbies including: Hoopdance, bellydance, singing, knitting, crocheting, harmonica, piano, French and Russian Languages, and off and on participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

I am currently attending RCIA at my local Catholic Church because I believe that isolation and social fragmentation are killing our culture by inches. We all need each other. Sometimes Old School is the way to go.

This blog was created with the intent to connect with others and keep people in the loop. I’ll be adding other types of content such as art I’ve done, information on the children’s books I’m collaborating with another writer on, and any other interesting things God throws into my path.

Walking to Mordor is not just a fun blog about counting miles and seeing the real world as it is. It is symbolic of what we must overcome in order to become ourselves. It is a reminder that when darkness falls, there is still the hope of light. When you cannot walk, sometimes you must be carried until you can walk on your own again. It is about recovery from pain an despair. It is about renewal and rebirth and about digging down into yourself farther than you ever thought you could. It is about living. Truly living.

It’s time to live out loud.


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