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The book I refuse to return to the library even though it’s late

Ok, yes.  The guilt is eating at my soul.  I am willingly hanging on to this late library book because I *must* finish it.  What is it, you ask? 


Do I have french homework due in 6 hours?

Of course. 

Do I have a sculpture duct taped to my kitchen floor waiting for me to slather plaster on it for the umpteenth time before painting it and turning it in to my 3D class on Tuesday?

Of course.   

And what am I doing? 

Blogging.  Practicing learning music notes on the grand staff.  Eating green beans.  Watching the cat have a hissy-fit full-speed run back into the apartment with a fluffed up tail.  Some leaf or wooden fence post  must have looked at her.  She’s jumpy like that. 


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