The first 20 miles

So, rather than post every single time I set foot out the door, I figured I’d just give you a quick update.  So far this week I have gone:

Friday: 1.88 miles
Saturday: 2.44 miles in the morning and 3.95 in the afternoon
Sunday: 5.04 miles in one swell foop before heading off to Mass
Monday: 5.51 miles this morning.
Pounds lost since the 13th:  3.8
Total Miles Covered So Far:  18.81 

I think that puts me pretty close to the Buckleberry Ferry.  The Hobbits obviously lost weight on this journey.  I am sure as heck not cutting calories.

This morning’s adventure found me in a nature area.  I decided to see how far I could go in one hour, then no matter where I ended up, it would be time to turn back.  I was beebopping along through the woods when I came across an interesting feature in the trail.  It was a 6 inch board that ran across a small ravine.  That’s the road, man.  I looked around.  No one else has been going around this thing.  That’s all foresty over there.  Um.  Ok.  I crossed it and kept on going.

path plank

The next obstacle was a pretty steep rocky and depressive incline that I had to go down.  Did I mention it rained this morning? And that fallen leaves are really a whole lot like mini surfboards for your feet?  Oh yes.  I sat down and scooted on my bottom rather than hurt myself by falling.

Obstacle number three involved a stream and a fallen tree-bridge.  Yes.  I walked carefully over it…….all 900 feet.  Ok maybe it was only about 12.  But still……

path log

And then, it was time to turn around and head back.  Neat.  I haven a fallen tree bridge exactly an hour’s walk away from my front door.


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